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Best Invisalign Dentist Alderwood I  Family Dental Care Plans

Nov 12

Clear aligners for teeth like Invisalign were the first to gain popularity, and millions of people have since had their smiles transformed thanks to Invisalign. From the beginning, Invisalign stood out for its dedication to research and development. Invisalign retains its vigor and strength while other aligner companies have gone into hibernation. It all boils down to the SmartTrack technology built into the material's revolutionary design.

To create the world’s most advanced aligner, Invisalign has focused on:

Invisalign has been doing research in biomechanics and material science for decades. Over 260 materials have been vigorously tested by its team of engineers to produce the multi-layered and highly elastic version that is used today.

The material Invisalign aligners are made of SmartTrack material which enables them to fit snugly over teeth to improve the control of tooth movement, gently moving them and even rotating them when needed.

The results of research and material have come together to create an aligner that is aesthetic for daytime wear, produces gentle yet constant force and fits well. It also produces good results without putting patients through painful dental procedures, unlike alternatives such as teeth implants.


The latest version of SmartTrack material has been found online to cost $699 and the older version of $499. However, both versions include one free trial, depending on where you look. So, not only does it offer patients a more comfortable and natural dental procedure, but the free trial is a sweetener for patients to try the technology without spending too much.

The Best Clear Aligners for Teeth

The industry has become quite competitive and the more expensive the aligners, the better. In fact, the research and development has allowed Invisalign to use some of the most expensive materials as it needed to prove that its material was not fragile. And, there is no better way to prove it than its thousands of satisfied patients. But the materials that are used have come a long way in the last few years. A few examples are:

*Invisalign uses ceramic material that is used for teeth implants.

*Invisalign uses nickel-titanium composite material (NT-Composite).

The best invisible braces can help patients get teeth properly aligned. This works by being able to detect any teeth misalignment and then gently manipulate them to their correct position. It can move teeth in multiple directions, such as up, down, left and right to improve the alignment of teeth.

The aligners are the ones that are used to help patients align their teeth. They are removable and there is no messy metal or wires. On top of that, the aligners also come with the ability to adjust the length of the treatment. The best aligners in the industry are made with porcelain. The procedure requires no drilling and just requires the patient to be able to tolerate the feeling of wearing the braces.

The materials that are used are vitreous porcelain (porcelain) and autogenous porcelain (APS).

The best aligners in dentistry can help to straighten the teeth. Although this can take a few visits to finish, the process can be completed in a single visit.

However, some patients are not good candidates for the process. If the patients have a weak jaw bone, the orthodontist might opt for the use of dental implants. This option might not be the best option for patients with a very weak jaw bone. The best aligners in dentistry would be the best option for patients who have a strong jaw bone.

When the patient has been diagnosed as having a strong jaw bone, the orthodontist would opt for dental implants.

The best aligners in dentistry are designed using the use of 3D software. The software determines the fit of the aligners and the way the aligners are aligned. Once a patient is selected for the best aligners, a computerized imaging of the teeth is done. In this process, a computer takes 3D data of the patient's teeth and helps in the determination of how the best aligners would be fitted on the teeth. Also, the orthodontist might determine whether he needs to create an intermediate aligner. It is just a matter of how the orthodontist chooses to proceed. This decision is based on the 3D data.

The best Invisalign might use the best aligners in either one or two stages. The first step would be the placement of the aligners and the second step would be the use of the orthodontist. In the first step, the orthodontist would use the aligner as a guide. Then, he would adjust the teeth using the aligner as a reference. In the second step, the orthodontist would adjust the teeth using the aligner. This might take some time depending on how well the patient is doing. 

If you would like a more attractive smile, but you're not interested in wearing traditional metal braces, Invisalign, an affordable invisible braces may be an option for you. Your teeth will be straightened in about a year if you use this! Looking for a low-cost Invisalign dentist in Alderwood? Dr. Brent Robinson can help you.

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