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How Often Should You Have Massages?

Nov 16

How Often Should You Have Massages?


This massage can be used for relaxation or general health. Massage therapy can improve your health and decrease stress.


Massage for Stress Management: Massage is recommended at least once per week for people who have stressful jobs, live in difficult situations, or travel frequently. Stress management can be helped by massage therapy. Stress can be reduced by weekly massage. It is comforting to know that massage therapy will be provided every week or every two weeks.


Massage Therapy for Pain Reduction and Treatment

Pain management and pain reduction require a different frequency. Sometimes called "diminishing frequencies". Sometimes massage therapy can be used to relieve severe pain without the need for medical intervention. You can continue the therapy for the second week or third depending on how the client reacts to the treatment. As the pain subsides, massage therapy AZ will be less frequent. Initially, it could be once per week. Later, it could decrease to every other week or less frequently.


Massage Therapy for Athletics

It will depend on the sport, their training schedule, and their goals as to how often they massage. A massage therapist is able to assist athletes in creating a massage program that fits their specific needs.


Mothers: Every three months - Once per Month

It can be hard to be a mother. Due to the stress and tension associated with having young children, it can be hard for moms to find time to de-stress. Monthly massages are a great option to relax and unwind moms. This is a wonderful way to relieve tension from the physical demands that motherhood brings.


Injuries depend on the severity, time, and location of the injury.

Massage therapists are well-versed in many types of massages that can help with injuries. Massage can be used by massage therapists to treat soft tissue injuries. It increases circulation, reduces scar tissue, and improves range of motion. Your first massage session will determine how often you should be massaged. Your insurance referral will also influence this decision. Clients with injuries to their massages often come in once a week to help speed up the healing process.


Chronic pain: It all depends upon the individual.

Massage can be a wonderful treatment for chronic pain patients. It helps to reduce pain and calms down the nervous system. Each client's needs are different so clients with chronic pain can have a massage at a frequency that suits them. Some clients suffering from chronic pain may only visit once a week, while others may see their therapist every two to three months. Your massage therapist can recommend a treatment based on the results of your initial session.




While massage can be a great way to relax and enjoy yourself, it may not always fit your budget. You have many options to make massages affordable. There are many options for massage packages. You can buy them online or at our office. We also have monthly membership programs and occasional special promotions. These allow you to test out different types without having to commit. There's no risk in trying something new.

This depends on how often you need to have your next session as well as what you can afford.

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