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How to Kill Roofmoss

Nov 28

How to Kill Roofmoss


Although it may look charming on small cottages with roof moss, it can cause major damage to your roof. Moss can ruin shingles, damage the underlying surface, or compromise the structural integrity and strength of your home. It can also have an adverse effect on your family's overall health. You can extend your roof's life and protect your family's health if you take proactive steps like moss treatment or hiring a Houston roofing company.


These simple steps can help you eliminate roof moss, and also save money on home repairs.


  • Roof Moss Controls Work


Moss loves to spread and grow between roof tiles. These low-maintenance plants thrive when moisture collects. While moss does not need much light, nourishment, or sunlight, it does require moisture. In humid regions with foggy mornings or mild winters, a tiny amount of moss can quickly grow to be a problem on the roof.


Roof moss is a tough, thick covering that can be easily neglected. Moss that is established behaves like a sponge, soaking up water from below and maintaining a moist roof at all times. Moss forms under shingle edges. This can cause shingle damage and allow harmful moisture to penetrate the layers below. The damage escalates from shingles to rotten foundations and frayed frames. The mold that is dangerous to one's health may grow and spread through walls, affecting living spaces. Untreated mold can spread through walls and cracks.


  • Roof Moss Controls Work

It's important to only use chemicals specifically designed for roof moss when treating it. Mosses are not like any other plants. Home and garden weedkillers won't help and can even cause roof damage. Keep grass moss-killing treatments off your roof, and on your lawn. Many lawn moss products made with iron compounds produce rusty streaks. Roof moss killers that work quickly and effectively without staining roofs or corroding gutters are the best.


Roof moss solutions that work prevent moss's ability to hold water the same as lawn-moss controls. Roof moss is dry, blackened, and dies from lack of moisture. Roof moss removal treatments are highly effective, non-staining, and available in both dry formulations and liquid formulas are also available.


Roofs & Walks come in two versions for small and large roofs. There is a ready-mix and a concentrate. These powerful moss removal solutions, which use ammoniated soap and fatty acid, can quickly eliminate roof algae and moss. Results will be visible in as little as a couple of hours. Before applying the product label, be sure to read it thoroughly. When applying the product, make sure that any plants are not below your roof. If the product gets on plants, rinse them well. Moss is most commonly found on roofs that have overhanging tree branches.


  • Roof Moss - How to Treat and Prevent it


Roof moss is best treated while it is still growing. Moss grows slowly through the summer, but it explodes in the fall, mild winters, and early spring. Roof moss must be treated soon before the autumn rains. The best results will be achieved if it is damp. However, you should not expect rain for more than a few days.


If it's possible, you can remove excess moss by using a brush or rake. The top layers are made of dense moss and protect the bottom layer. Sprinkle dry formulations wherever you can safely cross pitched roofs' roof ridges. Rain will wash out the product, covering the lower places. For flat rooftops or roofs that are unsafe to walk on, you can use a sprayer with a pump and a liquid combination.


  • Rain will sweep away dead moose as it dies.


To speed things up, you can also use either a brush or a rake. If you want to prevent moss growth from your roof, make sure you treat it each year prior to the rainy season. Leafs and other debris must be removed from gutters. These can trap water and encourage moss development.


Roof moss removal can help you save money on home repairs. You can protect your family as well as your home investment by taking steps towards eliminating roof moss.


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