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You may be experiencing silent signs that your roof might be failing

Nov 28

You may be experiencing silent signs that your roof might be failing

To make sure your roof lasts longer (and to save you a lot of money), pay attention to these common signs.


  • Plumbing Vent Boots Damaged


You can find plumbing vent boots in many materials such as plastic, metal, and even two pieces of metal. You should inspect the metal base for cracks and damaged seams. Next, inspect the rubber boot surrounding the pipe. It can be worn out or become discolored, which will allow water to get into your house through the pipe. If any of these conditions occur, it is time to replace the vent boot. If the boot has missing or pulled off nails, you can replace them with rubber washer screws.


  • Stains on Ceiling


Water stains that reach ceilings and walls from a leaky roof are most likely caused by a leaky roof. Finding the leak is the hardest part. Roof leak repair is easy. We will teach you how to identify and fix the most common types. Even if it's not causing you any discomfort or you're replacing your roof next year with a new one, you need to repair the roof immediately if it leaks. Even small leaks can quickly lead to serious problems such as mold, rotten sheathing, insulation loss, and ceiling damage.


  • Shiners


If there are no obvious flow lines, or the ceiling stain is very small, you should look for shiners' at the bottom of your roof. A shiner refers to a nail that hasn't made it through the framing members. As it escapes into the cold attic, moisture from below condenses and forms on the nails. You might notice it if you climb up to your attic during a cold night. They will look white because the nails have been frosted. The frost melts during the daytime, then drips at night. You can simply remove the nail with your side-cutting tools to fix the problem.


  • Shingles with damage


A broken shingle can cause unsightly damage and a leaky roof. Repair is easy if you are able to find matching shingles and you are not afraid of heights.


  • Filthy or clogged soffits


Your home's health is dependent on attic ventilation. Inhaling outside air through the soffit vents is necessary to create an atmosphere that allows warm air to escape from the roof vents. The roof's underside has an air chute that allows air to enter the soffit. You can find plastic air chutes at most home centers and building supply stores in every rafter spacing to keep the airflow between the roof sheathing (and the rafters) free. Clear soffits prevent moisture buildup on your roof's structure, which can lead to mold growth.


  • Mold where Roof and Exterior wall meet


Kick-out flashing should be used where the roof edge meets a wall. Roof runoff might otherwise flow down the wall, and maybe even inside it if it wasn’t for it. If there are doors or windows below, water can seep through the trim and cause serious damage. While it might go unnoticed for many years but eventually, rot will cause structural and sheathing damage. In some cases, the stucco may be the only thing keeping the wall from crumbling. Don't wait to see this happen.


  • Gutters that have rusted


Gutter leaks are usually caused by rusty spots or seams which have expanded and contracted due to expansion. To stop a gutter from leaking, if it is in good condition, you can use roof and gutter tape to repair the area. This tape is available at both home centers and hardware stores. First, remove the rust using a wire brush.


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