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Four Questions About Architectural Shingles

May 17


There are many options available for replacing your roof. Architectural shingles are some of the most well-known, because they're more sophisticated in design, durability, and fashion than traditional asphalt models. Although, they're not so common, you may have some questions about their use. These are some questions that could help you make an informed decision.

What Should You Know About Architectural Shingles?

Although architectural shingles look similar to traditional models, they utilize a different type of material for the base. Asphalt shingles, for instance include fiberglass or recycled papers as the basis. They are then mixed with asphalt. They're strong, but they could be damaged by water. On the other hand architectural shingles are constructed using a fiberglass mat as a base. Ceramic-coated particles are laid over it and then covered with asphalt. This process creates thicker shingles with a smooth finishthat gives your roof more depth and visual appeal. But that's not all. You will be impressed by the excellent support for roof repair and replacement in south Dakota


What are the benefits?

Since architectural shingles are thicker, they last much longer than the traditional types. They are more able to stand up to snow and rain, since the fiberglass base is resistant to water. Additionally, they weigh more so that strong winds are less likely to pull them away from your home. Alongside their durability, a lot of people believe that these shingles look more attractive on homes. Because of the texture of the roof, they are sometimes called "dimensional shingles". Additionally, they come in more colors, allowing homeowners to personalize their appearance of your home.


Do they have any unique attributes?

There are various kinds of roofing shingles to choose from, depending on what you require. For example, if you reside near a lot of trees and you want to go with an option that will withstand impact and protects your home if a branch gets struck. Additionally, you can purchase shingles that have a reflective coating, which blocks the sun from sending extra heat to the home which makes it more comfortable. Contact an expert in roofing in the area of Black Hawk SD to learn more about.


Owens Corning is the world pioneer in the development of architectural shingle technology. Teamwork Exteriors is selected as an preferred contractor by Owens Corning. We can offer lifetime warranties on your roof since we are a preferred contractor


How do I prepare to install it?

The procedure of the installation of architectural shingles is similar to other roofing replacement projects, meaning that the installation is exactly the same. Since vibrations can cause destruction to your walls and shelves, it is important to remove all objects that are hung on walls. After that, clean any furniture outside of your house so that your roofing contractors have access to the property. You can store items in your attic. Cover them with tarps so that you can keep dust and debris from falling on the roof during work by contractors.


If you're looking to take on a roof replacement project and put up architectural shingles, you should contact roof repair services in my area without hassle.

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