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How do you rid your garden of Nematodes in your yard?

May 31


As a gardener there's always a problem, illness, or adverse weather situation in the near future, however, nematodes are the most distressing issue. They're microscopic, which means that unlike grubs and larvae, they're impossible to spot underground. Don't worry, though, there are some simple ways Lawn Worx can do to find and eliminate the nematodes that are in your garden.

What are nematodes and how can they be used?

Nematodes are roundworm that is not segmented. These roundworms are also known as plant-parasitic and can cause serious destruction to turfgrass, agriculture, and homes.

What is the reason these nematodes cause so much havoc?

The stylet is a mouthpiece shaped like a tooth that can be used to cut off parasites from plants. The appendage can poke holes in plant roots to extract nutrients from them. This can affect the root system's ability to absorb water and nutrients, which causes the plant to become weaker. Also, the plant won't have enough nutrients or water to sustain itself. This is why it is important to find a lawn mowing company near Ky.


These are the most common plant-parasitic species of nematodes that could impact vegetable gardens in the home.


  • Cyst nematodes

  • Dagger nematodes

  • Northern root-knot Nematodes

  • Reniform nematodes

  • Ring nematodes

  • Nematodes of the root knot

  • Root lesion nematodes

  • Sting nematodes

  • Stubby root nematodes

  • Stunt nematodes

Note that in Northern and Southern states The northern root-knot as well as the root-knot nematodes are the most common plant-parasitic nematodes in home gardens. They are both members of the Meloidogyne species.


Other nematodes you may be familiar with are beneficial nematodes. They don't have a style and therefore aren't dangerous to plants. Home gardeners often use beneficial nematodes to control pests like fleas and ticks as well as borers as well as other insects that are undesirable.

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How can you tell if a nematode has damaged your garden? within your garden

In knowing how these tiny creatures sap the life from your plants, how can you determine if you're suffering from an issue with nematodes and other issues such as grubs. Here are some things to be looking for: may also get help and assistance from a same-day lawn mowing service georgetown.


  • Stunted growth

  • A decline in performance or plant performance can lead to poor yield and lower productivity.

  • Leaf becoming yellow

  • Galls, swelling, or knots on roots (usually due to nematodes who cause root knots)

  • Egg cysts in roots (from cyst nematode).

These symptoms are important to be aware of, but not enough to identify the issue. The signs of nematode infestation may mimic other ailments such as the effects of drought or insect damage. So, the only way to determine if nematodes are present is to send soil samples to a laboratory.


The results of a nematode test determine the type(s) of nematodes you have, the population level, and whether treatment is required. The test will also provide guidelines for controlling the nematodes in case they require treatment. For more information, contact the grass cutting service georgetown.


Because sampling for nematodes might be slightly different than sampling for soil tests normally used in standard tests Check out your state's Cooperative Extension website to learn how to sample for them. Auburn University says that you can test for lawn nematodes at any time however, it's best to conduct the test between the months of August to October. This will vary based the location you live in and the type of crop.

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