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How Do I Remove Brittle Window Tint?

Jun 22

Window tint is a great solution to improve the appearance of your car or home. It can keep out harmful UV rays from the sun while keeping your interior cool.

Window tint can become fragile and peel over time. Don't panic if it happens. We'll show you how to easily remove brittle glass tint.

What Does Window Tinting Mean?

Window tinting is the process by which a thin film is applied to the glass of windows. This film can either be clear, colored, metallic, or both. This film is most commonly made from polyester, or other synthetic materials.

Window tinting can improve the look of your windows, reduce glare and heat loss, and block ultraviolet rays.

What Makes Window Tint Become Brittle.

Window tint can become fragile due to several factors. The main reason is sun exposure. The ultraviolet (UV), sun-rays can cause the window tint to peel off and break down.

The other factors that can cause window tint failure are improper installation, poor window tint film quality, and window cleaners that contain ammonia.

How Do I Remove Brittle Window Tint

It is necessary to remove window tint that is already peeling or is beginning to peel before you can apply new window tint. The process of removing brittle glass tint is simple and can be completed in a few minutes.

Use a heat gun or hairdryer to heat the area. This will help loosen any adhesive that is holding the window tint together. Once the area has been heated, use a razor knife or utility blade to carefully remove the tint. Make sure you go slowly so as not to scratch the glass underneath.

You can clean the window tint off the surface using soap and water. Now you are ready to apply new tint!


  • Use caution and slow motion to ensure that the window tint is not damaged.
  • Before you apply new window tints, be sure to thoroughly clean your windows.
  • If the adhesive is hard to remove, you may use a commercial adhesive removal product.

Applying New Window Tint

Now that you have mastered how to remove brittle glass tint, you can apply new window tint. For a professional-looking, smooth look, follow these steps.

Make sure you clean the glass surface thoroughly with soap and warm water before beginning. This will help the tint stick to the glass better.

Next, measure and cut your new window tint to size. For later trimming, be sure to allow for a bit more film.

Apply the tint to glass. Smoothen bubbles with a credit or squeegee. Once the film is in place trim any excess with a razor blade and utility knife.

Finally, heat the edges using a hairdryer. This will seal the tint and prevent any future peeling.


Call a professional to help if your tint is damaged. They will have both the tools and the experience to remove the old tint quickly and install it correctly.

Professionals VS DIY:

Although you can replace your window tint on your own, there are many reasons to hire a professional. They will have the skills and experience needed to quickly and easily complete the task. They can also provide a warranty on new window tint. This will give peace of mind and ensure that you are protected in the unlikely event of any problems.


Call a professional to repair your window tint if it is damaged. They will have all the tools and the experience to make the job quick and easy. They can also provide you with a warranty for the window tint. This will give peace of mind and ensure that you are protected in the unlikely event of any problems.

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