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Roof Replacement Costs and Budgeting for a New Roof

Jun 28


There are numerous factors that influence the cost for replacing your roof. This includes the type of roofing you choose as well as the expertise and skill of your contractor, the warranties they offer, as well as the physical properties and construction. Other elements, such as decking and underlayment, along with the number of layers added to the roof will affect the price.

However, consumers all over the globe can utilize current price range estimates to determine the amount of value provided by competing contractors when comparing multiple estimates.


It is best to conduct research on costs to determine the price ranges typical of roofing replacements using certain materials. Prices differ based on whether you are installing a shingle, a metal or flat roof.


The upfront cost is just one part of the story. This is especially true with higher-priced materials like metal. Metal roofing can be more costly and lasts longer. They also offer energy savings and better reflect light.

Current Average Roof Replacement

Contractors usually quote prices for 100 square feet of roof space. If you aren't sure of the dimensions of your roof you can determine the dimensions. Once you have that, you can follow these steps to calculate the average cost of the three most well-known kinds of residential roofing..


  • Asphalt shingle roofs are priced between $200 to $320 for 100 feet of area. The typical price is $266. These estimates assume you're using standard-quality shingles, and you're overlaying the new shingles on top of existing materials. If you're putting in a new underlayment, or if you've made the decision to invest in premium shingles, you can expect the cost to be more expensive.

  • The current price range for metal roofs is between $950 to $1250 per 100 feet. The average cost of metal roofing is about $1100. This figure assumes standing seam metal roofing tiles are being used and that the roof isn't being completely removed.

  • Flat roofs can currently be purchased for $165 to $275 per 100 feet, and an average of $220. This assumes that no tear-offs are required and that standard asphalt rolls are being used.

It's a smart idea to look into any contractor that have prices that are higher or lower in comparison to these prices. Do your research thoroughly on the roofing business you're thinking about. Find out how happy previous customers were with the work and whether the workmanship has been maintained over the period of warranty. Advosy Roofing Company is the ideal choice as we provide outstanding services and a cheaper cost.

If you're looking for contractors:

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  • Make sure the roofing contractor is licensed by your state.

  • Verify that they are covered by sufficient roofing insurance. Ask about both indemnity (liability) and worker's insurance. Make note of the date of the coverage's end.

  • Check the warranty offered and how long they'll last. Materials and workmanship warranties are subject to variations. Certain roofers also provide extensive warranties for systems. The warranty minimum for roofers' labor is one-year, but most roofers offer extended warranties.

  • Get personal references. A seasoned water damage restoration Mesa AZ roofing company should be able to give multiple local references. Checking online reviews at sites like Google Local, Yelp, InsiderPages or Yahoo Localis an excellent idea.

  • Ask Advosy if they are doing the work. Are they working with their own team? Or is it an independent subcontractor. Ask Advosy for details of the subcontractor's contact number should the former be the case.

  • The estimate should contain the following details: the dates of completion/start for the materials to be employed, the labor cost; permits; workmanship guarantees as well as material guarantees and the expectations for cleanup. Getting multiple roofing estimates is essential - only through comparing similar information will you know who is the ideal fit for the job , and how much the project is expected to involve in terms of costs.

  • Check specific qualifications. Certain roofing businesses require certification and training in order to install their products. You should ensure that your roofing contractor has a proven experience in installing your particular roofing material.

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