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Are rainy seasons a bad Time for Trees?

Jul 3


For good growth, trees have to be kept hydrated in every way. The rainy season all around can supply your trees with sufficient water to ensure they are watered, but an excess of rain can also cause numerous problems to your trees. Too much rain can oversaturate the soil and weaken the root systems, while also developing fungal diseases which thrive in wet conditions. This can have a negative impact on the health and appearance of trees. Strong winds can also blow branches and trees over during the rainy seasons.

You can mitigate the risks that rain can cause to your trees by monitoring them closely and examining them for signs of damage such as lesions, cracks, and exposed roots. Having a company that provides stump removal services in the city of Georgia can also ensure that your trees are healthy. Continue reading to learn more about how the rainy season can impact your trees.


Too Much Rainwater Can Suffocate Your Trees

The continuous and heavy rain may cause the soil to become saturated with rainwater which is harmful to trees. Rainwater can cause soil to get compacted and restrict the roots. Water also hinders the roots from absorbing enough oxygen. Because the pores of the root are filled with water, trees can be depleted of oxygen within just a few hours. The root can start to decay within several days. Hire a professional arborist remove stumps of trees from Georgetown, ky.


People are fortunate to have sandy soil that offers good drainage. However, we suggest that you don't step on your lawn after heavy rains to avoid contribute to further soil compaction that could kill the trees.


After the soil has become waterlogged it causes the roots of the tree to decrease in strength. The tree becomes less anchored to the ground over time , and can easily fall when struck by the force of winds, causing severe damage to anything in its route. The roots of your tree may be weaker and lead to many diseases and infections.


Georgetown Tree Service will evaluate the condition of your trees, and give you an estimation of their condition and strength. An assessment from a tree care service near me can also help you to take the necessary steps to care for your trees and prepare your trees for possible weather conditions.


The humid and humid environment creates the ideal conditions for fungi to thrive. Too much water can cause weak roots that make it difficult for the tree to fight off disease and infections. Fungal infections that thrive in humid conditions can be found in.


Powdery Mildew:

Check the surfaces of leaves and stems for powdery growth. The leaves of some species may also be in a wrinkle where powdery mildew can be observed.


Another common fungal disease among trees, anthracnose is often a result in leaf spots and curled leaves.

Root Rot

Root rot is caused by many fungi that thrive in damp conditions. The most typical signs are brownish or reddish roots. When the leaves begin to show discoloration, it can be a sign that the root rot is becoming more serious.



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