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Concrete Slab - Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

Nov 14

Concrete Slab - Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

Concrete slabs are an a crucial part of any construction job, and you must get it right. Bad slabs can lead to structural problems later on.

Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors have years of experience working on concrete slabs. Our company has years of experience and will give you the highest quality service. We only employ the finest materials to ensure our products last. Find out more about our concrete slab services as you read on.



What are Concrete slabs?


Concrete slabs are an extremely popular structural component in buildings. A concrete slab is a smooth, dense, horizontal concrete surface which is used to construct flooring or roofing. Concrete slabs are used in some residential structures to help support the foundation or directly on the ground.



Our Concrete Slab Installation Process


Concrete installations can be tricky if you're not equipped with the knowledge and expertise to do them. Port St. Lucie Concrete Contractors adheres to strict construction of concrete slabs process that strictly follows local codes and industry standards.


Safety is the top priority when working on concrete construction projects. Prior to starting any project, we ensure we equip ourselves with safety gear. Eye protection, long sleeves or long pants and rubber gloves are all necessary. All of them protect us against concrete splashes.


Follow these steps in addition.


Step 1: Preparation on site

We use the same procedure regardless of whether it's a tiny concrete slab or a bigger one. Each project we take on begins with the preparation of the site. We clean up all evidence of contamination so that we can begin from scratch. In the course of our preparation we ensure that everything is on site. The transportation of materials is planned prior to when actually work can begin. This allows us the ability to start and complete the work on time.


Step 2: Build Concrete Forms and reinforce Concrete Slabs using Steel

After the area has been cleared and prepared, we'll move on to the installation of concrete forms made with wire mesh. Concrete forms are solid barriers which keep the concrete mix in place. Concrete forms force concrete to adopt a certain shape or form. Concrete reinforced with rebar is available for larger structures. This will ensure that concrete is stronger. surfaces.


Step 3: Mixing Concrete Mix

To facilitate the process for us, we utilize a concrete truck. It is also useful in ensuring concrete materials are properly mixed. Sometimes, we do manual mixing. For the majority of projects an concrete mixer will be needed.


Step 4: Pouring Concrete

Once we've mixed the concrete, we pour the concrete slab into our molds. It's important that we do the concrete mix with care to prevent air pockets. Air pockets are created because there isn't enough mortar available to fill in the gaps around the aggregate. Concrete is created by spreading the mix evenly across the form.



Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

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