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Top 10 Canadian Candies

Mar 8

Candy is something that is part of everyone’s childhood. In Canada, we have many candies that have topped the retail charts throughout the years. 

Certain candies can trigger childhood memories and bring a smile to your face. There is a list of the Top 10 Canadian Candies that will bring many smiles to many faces across the country. The list hits the spot for every kind of sweet tooth. From toffee to gum and from chocolate to fruity candy, it’s all covered in this list. 

The candy that tops this list is the Popeye Candy Sticks. Once known as Popeye Cigarettes, these sticks have been popular since the 1950s, and are still as good as they were then.

Other high points on this list, even though all 10 have a soft spot for Canadians old and young, are Cadbury Mini Eggs, MacIntosh toffee, and Maynard’s Fuzzy Peaches. These three candies can still be found at most stores today and seem to have only dipped slightly in popularity. The Mini Eggs, for obvious reasons, are the most popular near and around Easter, but some still crave them other times throughout the year. 

Candies that will cause flashbacks on the list include Roman Nougat, Big Foot, Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn, and  Lotsa Fizz. Lucky Elephant has reappeared on shelves after disappearing for a while, it can still be a little bit of a hunt to find the others. Big Foots are still a struggle to find, but they are starting to creep back into stores. Lotsa Fizz and Roman Nougat are mainly only at Bulk Barn stores, but can be found in vintage boutique Candy Shoppes.

The oldest candy on this list in the Chocolate Cherry Blossoms, being around and loved by Canadians for over 100 years. The mixture of Maraschino cherries and chocolate is a delicious flavour that has been sweetening the taste buds for generations. 

Though some people say they taste like soap, Thrills Gum make the list at number 8. These purple gums sometimes get confused with Chiclets, but once you taste them, you’ll know the difference. 

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